Band :
Title : Product
Release Date : January 3, 2010
Label :
Format : Digital Download

2010’s Product is the first in a trilogy of albums (the others being The tao of Grace and The Streets of San Francisco) in which Brian employs other rhythm section musicians to play exclusively on most of the songs. The only exception is the wonderfully strange and varied closer “Chaos in Rainbows” where Grace plays all instruments, but hired a session drummer. All five songs on this EP bring something very fresh musically to the table. “Second Street Stroll” opens things up with a funky strut down 2nd Street in Long Beach. “Another Look Inside” and “Manifestation” are both very introspective songs and stick in your musical memory for days. “Baja-Ha!” is a quick tempo Latin stomp designed to get your blood pumping and your foot tapping.



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