Band :
Title : Hodgepodge Jazz Garage
Release Date : November 19, 2001
Label :
Format : Digital Download

HJG is a varied collection of jazz songs that were all recorded in a “hodgepodge” of ways, times & places. Brian adds, “The first two songs were literally recorded in my garage in Los Angeles in 2001, thus the title. Everything else besides ‘Hindu Rodeo’ (recorded in San Diego), was recorded while I was in the Army Band – both at Fort Dix, NJ and the Presidio of San Francisco.” Grace continues, “The first actual jazz song I ever wrote was ‘The Hope of Kim’…during that time, I remember being 19 years young, and I just sat down at the piano and started to teach myself/memorize every type of jazz chord imaginable.” Other standout tracks on the album include the Brecker Brothers-influenced “Funkistice!,” as well as the Steely Dan-influenced “Palm of Your Hand.”  



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