Band :
Title : Re-Sounding
Release Date : November 19, 2000
Label :
Format : Digital Download

This album is Brian’s solo venture into rock and pop, largely foregoing the saxophone and traveling the singer/songwriter route. Here, Grace plays every instrument you hear and sings every vocal. “In the 1990’s, I had a lot to say about my world, and Re-sounding is my statement of that period,” says Grace. Brian tackles subjects such as travel, love, creativity, fate, dreaming and loss. Again, musically he tackles many different styles within the genre – progressive rock like “Destiny,” the psychedelic rock of “(I Can’t Get You) Out of my Mind,” the angry, hard-rocking “So Wrong,” straight-ahead pop like “Feed Me Consolation,” as well as the ballad “Can You Feel my Heart?,” which won Brian a songwriting award in 1996. 



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