Band :
Title : The Early Rock Daze (1987-1993)
Release Date : February 16, 2009
Label :
Format : Digital Download

A collection of songs from Brian’s burgeoning early period of writing rock and pop songs. “Some of these songs are quite progressive and are a real indication of things to come. There are definitely jazzy elements here because of my background as a sax player, but musically I was really interested more in progressive rock when I was younger,” says Grace. “Certainly on any given day, I had my feet in both worlds. I was very prolific during this time, writing continuously.” There IS a wealth of material here; Grace attempted to put all twenty songs together cohesively for the listener. “From a historical perspective, I think it was important to identify what year these were recorded, mainly because it’s not in chronological order. The actual mechanism of how each song was recorded vary greatly … sometimes I had access to a real studio, but more often than not it was me playing all of the instruments and putting it all on whatever multitrack recorder I could find.” As a result of borrowing a friend’s Tascam 4-track cassette recorder in the autumn of 1991, Grace recorded as many songs as possible with the Tascam. “I wrote, arranged, sang and recorded the last seven songs on this album by myself in about two months – I cannot imagine working that quickly nowadays.” Check out 1989’s “Habituation” for a real trip down Brian’s prog rock lane.     



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