Band :
Title : Weapons of Jazz Construction
Release Date : December 26, 2008
Label :
Format : Digital Download

A strong collection of both jazz and rock originals culled from the 2000’s decade. It is also the last album in which Grace performs vocally as well as playing all of the instruments. Brian states, “during the 2000’s, I was alternating between writing in a bunch of different styles. I still loved the nuances and feel of jazz, but felt there were subjects that really needed to be discussed via lyrics…I was not exactly a fan of this particular decade, as you can hear from some of the subject matter of the rock recordings contained herein.” The album starts off with the one-two jazz/rock punch of “Punctuation;” other standout tracks include the tender sax ballad, “Transition,” the reggae-tinged “Autumn in Long Beach,” along with a tribute song about the rock band Brian played sax in while living in San Diego, “Slight Return.” Mixed in with the scathing “There Was a Time” and “War Machine,” Weapons contains a little bit of everything for a variety of musical tastes.        



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