Who is Brian Grace?  Right off the bat, he'll tell you he's a jazz composer/saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist but wears those hats embellished with a decidedly prog-rock mentality.  "I wholeheartedly embrace the subtleties, flavors & traditions of jazz, but in the same breath I also love the sheer power, emotion and overall goodness of great pop/rock music and the effect it can have on the collective psyche at large." He is influenced equally by artists as wide-ranging: The Beatles, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Yes, The Brecker Brothers, Todd Rundgren, Chicago, Rush, King Crimson & Radiohead.  Originally hailing from Maryland, Brian has now resided in all 3 major cities of California - San Francisco, San Diego & Los Angeles, and for quite some time now he calls the very diverse city of Long Beach, CA his home base.  Grace possesses 35+ years of overall musical experience, which includes playing live with a potpourri of different bands, solo sax performances as well as on-demand studio session work, in which he records and engineers from his home studio.  His musical influences are extremely varied, and you will hear a wide mixture of styles - sometimes all embedded within the very same tune (i.e., "Stratosphere").  Grace continues, "I love writing in mixed-time signatures, but it’s never merely academic for its own sake.  It’s always inspired by the highly variable rhythmic figures dancing around in my head, which I need to chase and capture on paper or my phone's voice recorder before it all escapes into the ether."  Within Grace's realm, all musical ingredients are vital - melody, harmony & rhythm; from tight structures all the way to unbridled improvisations.  From a song's big picture to the smallest details - it is all of great import to Brian, from beginning to end.  "For me every time, the compositional goal is to appeal directly in some way to the music lover upon first listen.  Then, after repeated listenings of a given song - that person could eventually discover further nuance embedded within the song, which ultimately serves to tie it all together in a discoverable, deeper way that makes unique sense to that particular individual."  Grace refers to his style of composition (which embodies most of his original music) as "Prog Jazz" and he attempts to explain this concept in another document included within this website's menu entitled, "What is Prog Jazz?"  Enjoy responsibly.  Rinse & repeat. 

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