Who is Brian Grace? I am a jazz composer/saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist with a prog-rock mentality. I wholeheartedly embrace the subtleties, flavors & traditions of jazz, but I also love the sheer power & emotion of rock! Originally from Maryland, I've now resided in all 3 major cities of California - San Francisco, San Diego & Los Angeles; for a long time now, I can call the great city of Long Beach, CA my home. I possess 30+ years of musical experience, which includes playing live with bands, solo sax performances and studio session work. My musical influences are incredibly varied, and you will hear a wide mixture of styles - sometimes within the very same tune (i.e. "Stratosphere"). I love writing in mixed-time signatures, but it’s never merely academic for its own sake; it’s always inspired by the highly variable rhythmic figures dancing in my head. Within my musical realm, everything is vital - melody, harmony & rhythm; tight structures as well as unbridled improvisation. From a song's "big picture," to the tiniest gradations - it all matters in the end. Music that appeals directly on first listen…then rewards the listener with newly discovered nuances upon repeated listening. I call it "Prog Jazz." Enjoy responsibly. Rinse & repeat. ;)

The Music - My 3 latest CD's

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