"Autumn in Long Beach" - Music Video

BG playing "hey joe" by jimi hendrix live in long beach, CA

"beast of burden" sax solo - long beach, CA

BG Plays sax on "A go go" live at the baked potato jazz club - Los angeles, CA

Brian Grace playing sax with Todd Rundgren in Las Vegas

"piss Aaron" by todd rundgren feat. Brian Grace on Sax (@ 1:38)

grace soloing on sax with slight return band for a private party in san diego - "treat her right" & "pretzel logic

"Love & Happiness" by The Hard Cuts band - BG on sax / Long Beach, CA 2015

bass legend jimmy haslip soloing on bass in the studio on "The gathering storm: reprise - from the 2022 ep "long beach" by brian grace

BG plays "mr. magic" in los angeles, CA

BG channeling a little coltrane at spaghettini's - seal beach, Ca 2011

"Low rider" alto sax solo at the presidio officer's club, San Francisco, cA - xmas 1994

New Orleans - impromptu solo sax version of "let's stay together" after dinner!